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The Art of My Clay textures

Introducing a new line of texture stamps by Wendy Orlowski (you may know Wendy from her line of CaBezels). Many of these designs are her own although with permission and encouragement from Bev she will be continuing some of the most popular Impress It! designs as well.

These stamps are hand made in small batches. Unmounted and made from a gray rubber thin enough to go through the average clay machine. All stamps are 4"x5" unless stated otherwise. Feel free to use these stamps in any work that you create whether it is for sale or for personal use but please do not reproduce the design itself. 

Contact Wendy (send her photos of your work too!) through her blog The Art of My Clay.

3 Brand New Texture Designs!

Hootenanny Texture Stamp
Designed for Shades of Clay by a Graphic Designer!
Choose your favorite owl and use it separately or use them all together and have a Hootenanny!
WO-14    $10.99  CAD Hootenanny Texture Stamp

Texture Stamp Marley's Fish     Marley's Fish Texture by Gail GarbeBy Gail Garbe         
Marley's Fish
Designed by a Blossoming Art Student
These Sassy Fish are meant to bring a smile to your face.
Lots of different textures to choose from!
WO-15    $10.99  CAD Texture Stamp Marley's Fish


Tendrils texture Stamp

You can  feel the movement in this one. It has many different and interesting textures that are organic in nature.
WO-16    $10.99  CAD Tendrils Texture Stamp

Purchase all 3 together and SAVE $5.00!   WOTEX1   $27.97 WO-Collection Discount


Entwined TextureEntwined
Fluid and organic. This texture contains element of both reptiles and nature yet evokes a feeing of serenity.
WO-6    $10.99  CAD Add Entwined to cart

For larger view click on images. Jewelry is by Wendy using Entwined, gilders paste and alcohol inks.


Feather Boa TextureFeather Boa
Free flowing and feminine, this texture calls up images of feathers and perhaps even flappers or ostriches?
WWO-4    $10.99 CAD Add Feather Boa Texture Stamp to cart

For larger view click on images. Collage shows gilders paste on black clay.


Gingko Collage Texture Gingko Collage
A strong form with delicate lines expressed in one of the prettiest of all leaves. Reminiscent of wings.
WO-1   $10.99 CAD Add Gingko Collage Texture Stamp to cart

For larger view click on images. Collage shows gilders paste on black clay.

Straight and Narrow Texture



Straight and Narrow
This texture is unusual, not only in it's size (2"x8") but also in the way it can be used. Use as is or once stamped into clay, cut each line apart and use as borders or frames. When used individually this way, they wrap beautifully around cabochons and bezels.
WO-13   $9.99 CAD Add Straight & Narrow Texture Stamp to cart


For larger view click on images. These pieces are made by Wendy using Straight and Narrow.





Enjoy Wendy's tutorial with great ideas for using Straight and Narrow....


Boxed In TextureBoxed In
This design originated as "Boxes" in the Impress It line. Wendy has made some changes to it by adding diagonal lines to some of the boxes and having the box size decrease in size from one edge to the other. The latter gives you more options for scale. Deeply textured.
WO-10   $10.99 CAD Add Boxed In Texture to cart

Boxed in example 


Honeycomb Texture StampHoneycomb
A very organic feel with the honeycomb pattern and circles added just for the fun of it. This texture features both a positive and a negative image. Notice also the change in scale from one edge to the other for more interest and options. The positive image is not deep and produces a great stamped design.
WO-12  $10.99 CAD Add Honeycomb texture to cart

Honeycomb Pendant Pendant by Barbara Colautti


Dragon's BreathDragon's Breath NEW
This design has a free flowing organic flow. Ideal when you need a subtle effect. You'll note that the scale is smaller at one end and then increases in size giving you more variety and options.
WO-5  $10.99 CAD Add Dragon's Breath to cart

Dragon's Breath pendant




Groovy Texture SheetGroovy NEW
Great design that can be either "retro" or "contemporary". For a large project, use the whole design to get that psychedelic feel or isolate the "op art" components into a smaller piece.
WO-11  $10.99 CAD  Add the Groovy Texture Sheet to cart

Groovy pendant