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All prices on the Shades of Clay web site are in Canadian dollars.

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Snake Chain necklace with Bead Pin
18"Chain plus extender Sterling Silver Plated
Create your own unique pieces of jewelry
Super-flexible snake chain with lobster-claw clasp, on a swivel, and a 2" extender. Includeds a 2.5" bead pin, with cap beads at both ends, one bead has a loop allowing it to slide along chain. This same bead twists off the pin allowing decorative beads to be added to the pin shaft.
Create different beads with polymer clay. Try using alcohol inks too!

PADAR1999.2879  $8.99 CAD  Snake Chain 18" with Bead Pin

Snake Chain necklace with Bead Pin 18" Silver Plated

Cording and Wire

Our cording is measured by the meter. One meter is approximately 39 inches.

Buna (rubber) cord and o-rings are available in a large range of sizes. If you need a size other than shown, please inquire. We will be happy to confirm availability and quote a price.

The following black buna cords are industrial grade buna, strong and often used for jewelry.

2mm black matte (this is the most commonly used size)
10112B   .99 per meter
Add industrial grade 2mm black buna to cart

1mm black buna
10112A    $1.39 per meter Add 1mm Black Buna to cart

1.5mm black buna
10112A1   .99 per meter Add industrial grade 1.5 black buna to cart

3mm black buna
10112C   $2.25 per meter Add industrial grade 3mm black buna to cart

New! Great for bracelets or neck cords.  Perfect for masculin jewelry too!

4mm black buna
10112D   $2.59 per meter 4mm Black Buna Cord per meter

5mm black buna
10112E $3.25 per metre 5mm Black Buna Cord
5mm End Caps See the new end caps for the 5mm cord here.

From Italy!!!  Buna has traditionally been black or available only in a few uninspiring colors. We are pleased to have a supplier of jewelry-grade buna available in a range of colors, some metallic, others translucent or semi-translucent and some quite luminous! Drapes beautifully.

Please note that because computer screens differ, your screen may not display the colors accurately. Actual colors may be slightly different from those displayed below. 

If you are a fan of this coloured cord and it's soft, drapey qualities than get it now before it's all gone.
We only have limited quantities left.

Coloured cording

FS2MMAQUA  2mm Aqua buna cord                   Aqua 2mm Buna Cord
$1.79 CAD per meter Aqua 2mm Buna Cord

FS2MMWHT  2mm White buna cord                   2mm White Buna Cord
$1.79 CAD per meter 2mm White Buna Cord

FS2MMAUB  2mm Aubergine buna cordAubergine Buna Cord
$1.79 CAD per meter Add 2mm Aubergine Buna Cord to Cart

FS2MMCLR  2mm Clear Frost buna cordClear Frost Buna Cord
$1.79 CAD per meter Add 2mm Clear Frost buna Cord to Cart

FS2MMCPR  2mm Antique Copper buna cordAntique Copper Buna Cord
$2.25 CAD per meter Add 2mm Antique Copper Buna Cord to Cart

FS2MMRBY 2mm Ruby-Sangria buna cordRuby Buna Cord
$2.25 CAD per meter Add 2mm Ruby-Sangria Buna Cord to Cart

FS2MMSR 2mm Sapphire buna cordSapphire Buna Cord
$1.79 CAD per meter Add 2mm Sapphire Buna Cord to Cart

FS2MMSWTQ 2mm SouthWest Turquoise Buna Cord South West Turquoise Buna
$2.25 CAD per meter  Add SouthWest Turquoise Buna to cart

FS2MMCH 2mm Chocolate Buna CordChocolate Buna
$1.79 CAD per meter  Add Chocolate Buna to cart

FS2MMGSGREEN 2mm Granny Smith Green Cord
Granny Smith Green Buna
$2.25 CAD per meter  Add 2mm Granny Smith Green Buna to cart

FS2MMSVR 2mm Metallic Silver     
$2.25 CAD per meter Metallic Silver Cord



O-Rings for Buna Cord

We have 2 sizes of  Black matte O-rings available.

The "b" series will fit the 2mm cord.
The "a" series will fit the 3mm cord (these can be stretched to fit the 5mm buna cord)

Pack of 20 O-rings to fit 2mm buna cord
10115b-20   $3.25 CAD Add 2mm O-rings to Cart

Pack of 40 O-rings to fit 2mm buna cord
10115b-40  $5.99  Pack of 40 O-Rings for 2mm Buna Cord

Best Buy!!
Packages of 100 O-rings to fit 2mm buna cord
10115b-100  $8.99 CAD O-Rings to fit 2mm buna cord Package of 100


These larger O-rings fit the thicker 3mm cords. They can also be stretched to fit the 5mm buna cord. Black matte, 1.5mm thick walls;

 Pack of 20 O-rings to fit 3mm buna cord
10115a-20   $3.99 CAD O-rings to fit 3mm Cord pack of 20

Pack of 40 O-rings to fit 3mm buna cord
10115a-40   $5.99 CAD O-rings for 3mm Cording Pack of 40

 Pack of 100 O-rings to fit 3mm buna cord
10115a-100   $8.99 CAD O-rings For 3mm Buna Cord pack of 100


"SoftGlass" with the look of frosted glass and the feel of silk. Gorgeous colors. Drapes beautifully and is extremely light. With the exception of black and Avocado all colors have a soft iridescence. Try running wire through the tube for some amazing visual effects; SoftGlass can be permanently shaped by the wire as well. Outside diameter is 2.5mm; inside diameter is 1.5mm. Buy it by the meter or pre-cut into 5 meter lengths. A Best Seller 

Please note that because computer screens differ, your screen may not display the colors accurately. Actual colors may be slightly different from those displayed below. 


Black SoftGlass10150 "SoftGlass" Black  No longer available  New thickness available in April!

10153a Five meters Clear Frost: $2.99 CAD Add 5m Clear Frost SoftGlass to Cart

10157a Five meters Olive: $2.99 CAD Add 5m Olive SoftGlass to Cart

10158a Five meters Emerald Green: $2.99 CAD Add 5m Emerald Green SoftGlass to Cart

10169a Five meters Silver: $2.99 CAD Add 5m Silver SoftGlass to Cart

10165a Five meters Light Green: $2.99 CAD Add 5m Light Green SoftGlass to Cart

10155a Five meters Blue $2.99 CAD Add 5 meters Blue Softglass to cart

Black Grosgrain Ribbon  3/8"
3/8" Black Grosgrain Ribbon

This type of ribbon has been a staple industry for years. Grosgrain Ribbon is a great choice. These Ribbons are colorfast and have less then 2% shrinkage. They are machine washable in warm water, and can be tumble, drip-dry or dry cleaned, plus there is no ironing necessary. These Ribbons are 3/8" and pair perfectly with these 9mm Ribbon Clamps (also shown in photo)
Use 3 or 4 pieces for a rich layered look and use a large 19mm ribbon clamp to secure them.

OFF3016-112.30 BLACK  3/8"
Grosgrain ribbon   $.69 CAD metre 3/8" Black Grosgrain Ribbon

OFF3016-112.30 BLACK  3/8"
Grosgrain ribbon   $2.99 CAD  5 metre length  SAVE  Save on 5 Metre Length 3/8" Black Grosgrain Ribbon


Black Cable Necklace  NEW

This versatile 1.2mm diameter cable comes in 20 inch lengths which can be used as is" for necklace designs, or trimmed to create anklets or bracelets.
Black  Sold in sets of 10.
HYNC503b   Black   $9.99  CAD Black Cable Necklace 20"
Black Cable Necklace 20"



Velour Necklace

These pre-finished 16" Necklaces have a 2" Extender for a total length or 18"
The cord is 3mm.  Black only. (Very similar to the Velour Tubing that is no longer available)
Sold in 10 packs

HYNC504   $7.99 CAD  Velour Necklace 16"+2"  Extender 10 pack
Velour Necklace NC504


Black Self Locking Rubber Cord 

Self locking rubber cord necklaces
Simply squeeze and insert the plastic tip to lock the cord together. 2mm soft black rubber; each necklace is 18" long. Black
Package of 10
RBT02BLACK   $6.99 CAD  Add Black Self Locking Rubber Necklaces to cart



LOOK! Longer Length !

Self Locking Necklaces
Now also available in a longer length of 24"
Package of 10 Black
RBT02BK24   $7.29 CAD  24" Black Self Locking Rubber Necklaces


Transparent Self-lockng CordsAs above in an assortment of transparent and semi-transparent colors.
Package of 10 assorted colors. (No black)
10RB02TRANS   $6.99 Transparent Self Locking Necklaces





2mm Black RattailBlack Satin Rattail
2mm diameter
HYRTBK1  $.39 CAD per meter Add 2mm Black Satin Rattail to cart

Save 20%
HYRTBK1a  5 meters $1.55 CAD





100% Silk Jewelry Strands
by Blue Moon Beads. 2 yards approximately 1/8" thick.

Chocolate Silk StrandsChocolate
BMB72977   $3.99 CAD Add 100% Silk Strands Chocolate to cart

Black Micro FibreUltra Micro Fibre Suede
Fantastic alternative to real suede cord. Micro Fibre is more flexible and incredibly soft, yet strong and durable making it ideal for creating necklaces, bracelets or anklets. The specially treated synthetic material does not have a noticeable odor like dyed leather; it will not crack or fray over time and it's washable.  Black 2mm cord. Priced per metre.
HYUMFS02BK100   $0.99m  Add 2mm Black Micro Fibre to cart

More Ultra Micro Fibre in colors; Note size is 3mm

Turquise Micro FibreUltra Micro Fibre Suede Cord
Turquoise 3mm
HYUMF03TQ100   $0.99 CAD per metre
Add 3mm Turquoise Micro Fibre to cart

Olive Green 3mm Micro FibreUltra Micro Fibre Suede Cord
Olive 3mm
HYUMF03OL100    $0.99 CAD per metre
Add 3mm Olive Micro Fibre to cart

Make your own ropes and braids with a Kumihimo Disc

Make your own cord, trim and rope with the "Spinster"


Opelon 7Beadsmith Opelon
This is a flat fibrous cord which doesn't require crimps and has unbelievable strength. Knots remain virtually invisible. White .7mm 25 meter roll As recommended in Helen Breil's tutorial on basic tile construction.
HYOPWH25   $7.99 CAD 
Add Opelon 7 to cart




Artistic Wire 18 gauge non-tarnish silver wireArtistic Wire - Silver Plated
Permanently colored non-tarnish silver
18 gauge; 20ft (6.1m)
HYAW1810S   $8.69 CAD Add 18 gauge silver plated wire to cart



Artistic Wire Non Tarnish Silver Plated 26 gaugeArtistic Wire - Non Tarnish Silver
Silver plated copper; soft temper, shapeable. In dispenser pak described above. 26 gauge; 15yd.
PAATW2610S   $4.99 CAD   Add Artistic Wire Non-tarnish Silver to cart





Related Products: Multi Mandrel to create consistently sized loops, circles and coils in wire. Mini Plier Set, Polishing Pads, Coiling Gizmo

Only 2 left!

Beadalon Chain KitBeadalon Chain Kit - Round - Silver
Comes complete with easy-to-use fold over ends (no soldering required). Cut chain to desired length and attach fold over ends with crimping pliers (not included) for a secure finish. Each kit contains enough chain and fold over ends for several projects. This kit contains 2m (6.5') of round cable (.9mm) and 12 ends. Silver Plated.
BDA340110   $6.99 CAD Add Beadalon Silver Plated Round Chain Kit to cart



Sterling Silver Choker set 2pce16" Silver Plated Choker. Flexible, single strand wire choker, similar to a neck wire, with lobster clasp claw. No extender. Silver Plated. 2pce.
PADAR1999.2888    $7.99 CAD Add 2pce silver plate choker set to cart






Artistic Wire MeshWire Mesh
Artistic Wire Mesh is a permanently colored copper wire woven into a mesh tube and flattened. Its hollow tubular design can be stretched, condensed, strung on, filled, tied, glued and more. Fill the mesh wire with beads, shaped wire or stretch the mesh to create 3D shapes. To finish off wire, crimp or try wrapping it with wire.

Artistic Wire Mesh SilverArtistic Wire Mesh Silver 10mm 1m
PAATWA144.110.B    $4.59 CAD  Add Silver Artistic Wire Mesh to cart







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