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All prices on the Shades of Clay web site are in Canadian dollars.

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In addition to the texture sheets shown below we are proud to present the "Helen Breil Designs" line of texture stamps. Use these unique designs by a dedicated polymer clay artist to lift your work to a new level. To accommodate photos and product information we have placed these stamps on their own page.



Brand new from Best Flexible Molds!   More designs coming soon!

You've loved their deep push molds.
Now Best Flexible is offering these large 5 1/4" X 5 1/4" thin, flexible texture mats!

Rough Bark Texture Mat
PJTX07   $10.25  CAD Rough Bark Texture Mat
PJTX07 Rough Bark Texture Mat

Faux Tooled Leather Texture Mat
PJTX01   $10.25  CAD PJTX01 Faux Tooled Leather Texture Mat
PJTX01 Faux Tooled Leather Texture Mat

Smooth Hair Texture Mat
PJTX02   $10.25   CAD PJTX02 Smooth Hair Texture Mat
PJTX02 Smooth Hair Texture Mat

Sticks Texture Mat
PJTX06   $10.25   CAD PJTX06 Sticks Texture Mat
PJTX06 Sticks Tecture Mat

Centre Cut Log Texture Mat
PJTX08   $10.25   CAD PJTX08 Centre Cut Log Texture Mat
PJTX08 Centre Cut Log Texture Mat

Classic Swirls Texture Mat
PJTX11   $10.25   CAD PJTX11 Classic Swirls Texture Mat
PJTX11 Classic Swirls Texture Mat



3 New Textures!!!  Click the image to take you there!!
SOC 3 New Textures Jan 2014

The Art of My Clay textures by Wendy Orlowski. As with the Helen Breil textures we have placed these on their own page. Check them out for unusual patterns and applications!
Groovy Texture Stamp


 Pixie Art. If you like the Helen Breil patterns, you will by intrigued by the possibilities of the Pixe Art designs. Again, these are on their own page.

Pixie Art Mini Bar Blues


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Texture Sheets from Makin's
These texture sheets come in packages of four different patterns. The sheets are made of a flexible plastic and measure approximately 4.5" x 6.25" Instructions for use are included on the package.

Makins Texture SandMakins Texture WavesMakins Textures CobblestonesMakins Texture BrickMakins Texture Sheets "A"
Set A  Sand, Waves, Cobblestone, Brick
MC38001  $5.99 CAD
Add Makins Texture set A to cart


Makin's Texture Sheet StripeMakin's Texture Sheets ChecksMakin's Texture Sheet ScreenMakin's Texture Sheet DotMakins Texture Set B
Set B - Stripe, Checks, Screen, Dot patterns
MC38002  $5.99 CAD
Add Makins Texture Set B to Cart

Makin's Texture Sheet HoneycombMakin's Texture Sheet WeaveMakin's Texture Sheet EyeletMakin's Texture Sheet LaceMakins Texture Set C
Set C - Honeycomb, Weave, Eyelet, Lace
MC38003  $5.99 CAD
Add Makins Set C Texture Set to Cart

Makin's Texture WoodgrainMakin's Texture Sheet ScaleMakin's Texture Sheet StarsMakin's Texture Sheet SnowflakesMakins Set D
Set D - Woodgrain, Scale, Stars, Snowflakes
MC38004  $5.99 CAD
Add Makins Set D Texture Plates to Cart

Makins Texture Curly BeardMakins Texture Sheet Curly FurMakins Textue Sheet DiamondMakins Texture Sheet SweaterMakins Texture Set E
Set E  Curly Beard, Curly Fur, Diamond, Sweater
MC38005  $5.99 CAD
Add Makins Texture Set E to cart

Hex BoltsEye Lag ScrewsGearsSprocketsSet F textures
Set F Hex Bolts, Eye Lag Screws, Gears, Sprockets
MC38006 $5.99 CAD Add Makins Set F textures to cart

Diamond Tread ADiamond Tread BTractor Tread ATractor Tread B Makins Set G textures
Set G Diamond Tread A, Diamond Tread B, Tractor Tread A, Tractor Tread B
MC38007  $5.99 CAD Add Makins Texture Set G to cart




Moldable Foam StampsMoldable Foam Stamps
Mold and remold an endless variety of textures and objects. The molded image remains until you reheat the block. Package contains eight blocks, each 4"x3". Package contains instructions and texture ideas.
MAC10201   $8.99 CAD  Add Magic Stamp Moldable Foam Stamps to cart





Ultra Clean Stamp CleanerUltra Clean
For amazing cleaning of clear and rubber stamps. Cleans even the most difficult of stamping inks. By Stewart Superior. 2oz spritz bottle.

SUP66501   $6.59 CAD Add Ultra Clean Stamp Cleaner to cart




Mini Flower BoxMini Flower Boxes
Use textures to create your own covered containers with these paper mache mini boxes. 3.25"widex3.25"deepx1.5"high 
CPL1001031  $0.99 CAD Add Mini Flower Box to cart




Sculpey Clay Texture Sheets are flexible sheets that add beautiful texture to your clay projects. Transparent material allows you to line up designs for a seamless pattern. Perfect for texturing, stamping and using advanced clay techniques. 

Landscape TexturesSculpey Clay Texture Sheets "Landscape"
One sheet has a large floral pattern and the other sheet has six mini patterns that include Paver Brick, Honey Comb, Cherry Blossom, Leaf Vein, Dandelion and Tree Bark.
PSSCPASTM007   $10.99 CAD Add Sculpey Landscape Textures to cart




Sculpey Clay Textures EdgySculpey Clay Texture Sheets "Edgy"
One sheet has a large snakeskin pattern and the other sheet has six mini patterns that include City Map, Copper Ceiling, River Rocks, Fishnet, Cheetah and Graphic Flower.
PSSCPASTM009   $10.99 CAD  Add Sculpey Textures "Edgy" to cart




Texture Treads from Ranger
Designed for use with UTEE, these deeply etched rubber sheets are excellent for textured patterns in polymer clay. The unique designs feature clever reverse images for multiple effects.

Unfortunately these popular designs have been dicontinued by the manufacture to make room for more new products.

Once they're gone, they're gone!!


Floral Flourish Texture TreadFloral Flourish Texture Tread
SUZ34742    $8.99 CAD Add Floral Flourish Texture Tread to cart






Mod Circles Texture TreadMod Circles Texture Tread
SUZ34728    $8.99  CAD Add Mod Circles Texture Tread to cart





Mod Swirls Texture TreadMod Swirls Texture Tread
SUZ34766    $8.99  CAD Add Mod Swirls Texture Tread to cart





Wood Grain Texture TreadWood Grain Texture Tread
SUZ34735    $8.99  CAD Add Wood Grain Texture Tread to cart





Scattered Leaves Texture TreadScattered Leaves Texture Tread
SUZ35763   $8.99 CAD  Add Scattered Leaves Texture Tread to cart





Graphic Gears Texture TreadGraphic Gears Texture Tread
SUZ37927  $8.99  CAD  Add Graphic Gears Texture Tread to cart





Winged Mosiac Texture TreadWinged Mosaic Texture Tread
SUZ37934   $8.99  CAD  Add Winged Mosiac Texture Tread to cart





Retro Holly Texture TreadRetro Holly Texture Tread
SUZ35749   $8.99  CAD Add Retro Holly Texture Tread to cart





Snow Flurries Texture TreadSnow Flurries Texture Tread
SUZ35756   $8.99  CAD  Add Snow Flurries Texture Tread to cart





Looking for more texture stamps? Don't forget to check Helen Breil Designs, new additions from The Art of My Clay and Pixie Art.

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